Abbey Francis

Abby Francis,17, was born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania andIMG_1850 has been singing for the duration of her high school experience (which is coming to a close). Ms. Francis was inspired by her older sister to partake in this time consuming hobby. ¬†She disclosed that a normal week of school would consist of only 45 minutes of personal free time. Most of her time was consumed in vigorous singing lessons and rehersals with which she relied on her singing teacher, Maryellen Schauber, to aid her through. Ms. Francis also participates in other activities such as dancing and swimming. With all of these activities one may find it difficult to perform well in school, contrary to this theory Abby receives mainly A’s and B’s leaving her with an above average GPA. Ms. Francis hopes that with all of these extra curricular activities, including an outstanding academic performance, colleges may pick her out of a bundle for having such an impressive resume.