Talia Silver

Talia Silver, a 17-yr-old, came straight from Israel. She is currently staying in Washington D.C. at her grandmother’s house. Talia came to America with her brother for a month. She is greatly interested in photography and wishes to become a national geography photographer or a fashion photographer in the future. However, before she goes to college and starts a journey as a photographer, she will be joining the Israel national army for two years. Every Israeli, who turns 18, has to serve in the army. When Talia is done with the service, she will first start her life as a photographer and then go to college to study more about photography.



Stephanie Flocks is a rising freshman who lives in Washington DC.  She was born in Illinois and lived in Greece for a year. She then moved to DC when she was 7 and has lived there ever since. Stephanie likes to jam out to pop music in the summer. She also loves singing in the shower, probably listening to Rather Be by Clean Bandit. Stephanie is a hard worker and loves playing lacrosse for her school while keeping up with schoolwork. Speaking of school, Stephanie’s dream school is UCLA.

Abbey Francis

Abby Francis,17, was born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania andIMG_1850 has been singing for the duration of her high school experience (which is coming to a close). Ms. Francis was inspired by her older sister to partake in this time consuming hobby.  She disclosed that a normal week of school would consist of only 45 minutes of personal free time. Most of her time was consumed in vigorous singing lessons and rehersals with which she relied on her singing teacher, Maryellen Schauber, to aid her through. Ms. Francis also participates in other activities such as dancing and swimming. With all of these activities one may find it difficult to perform well in school, contrary to this theory Abby receives mainly A’s and B’s leaving her with an above average GPA. Ms. Francis hopes that with all of these extra curricular activities, including an outstanding academic performance, colleges may pick her out of a bundle for having such an impressive resume.

Meet our Backpack Journalists

20150615_151038_resizedHigh school senior Adrian Rhodes happens to be a mixed bag of two parts fascinating and one part exciting. Born in Windsor, Virginia, Rhodes aspires to be a world traveler. Combining his love of writing, politics and history, Rhodes plans to become an environmental journalist.

A man of academics, Rhodes is a member of numerous clubs, such as the Beta club, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and the Spanish club. However, he manages to balance a well-rounded personality, participating in sports like football and baseball, while also loving the outdoors and movies.




Although she has spent four years in Vietnam, Reiko Kobayashi has lived the other 13 years of her life in places such as Japan, Brazil and even Bosnia. Now you can find her at American University in Washington, D.C. in a search for a career in journalism at Discovering the World of Communications (DWC).




15-year-old high-school junior, Nakila Mulagha lives a far from ordinary life in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Like many high school students, Mulagha drinks tea, reads the Harry Potter series, plays sports in school, and likes to sleep. She enjoys practically all forms of potatoes and tries to avoid touching raw meat while making dinner for her family. While both parents are involved in the medical field, Mulagha is torn between a career in genetics or journalism.



IMG_4898revAbby Van Prooyen, a seventeen year old rising high school senior, hails from Crompoint, Indiana, a town tucked into the state’s northwest corner. Abby has a very broad array of interests that have varied greatly over time. Growing up, Abby remained extremely active. Abby is very involved in the annual publication of her school’s yearbook. She takes the many pictures that are required for the publication of any yearbook, from random scenes on campus to major athletic events.




Morgan Mullings, who recently turned 17, was born in New Jersey, but has lived 30 minutes from Miami in South Florida for the past 7 years. When not found volunteering or serving, she spends time writing poetry. Her poetry was previously private but she recently shared with a few people, since she feels like she has a talent for writing. Morgan knew she wanted to pursue writing at a very young age when she was among the 12 kids selected for the TIME for Kids “kid reporters” search.


IMG_1307Jacob Solkoff, a rising junior, lives on the hot Delray Beach in Florida. Despite living along side the beach, Jacob enjoys the pool, as he does not like sand. Jacob enjoys several sports such as baseball, football, and hockey. He is a fan of the Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins.

While at school, Jacob was president of the Jewish Culture and Awareness club. In Jacobs future high school career he hopes to become a sports producer, and the president of the mass communications club. Jacob also enjoys watching his school team play football.




Some people live simple lives; Ashley Boyle is not one of those people. She currently lives in Atlanta, but does not consider herself a southerner, despite the large southern presence in Atlanta. Ashley plays violin, and currently does so in an orchestra, where she made some very good friends, which is a crucial step in the growth transition from child to young adult, and she even made a poetry club, that meets up once every year. Ashley is currently a member of student council, and volunteers at church and at nursing homes.



One liners, long riddles, you name it – Nathan Frank always comes prepared with a joke. Nathan actively participates in his school’s student government. While Nathan can easily keep a crowd laughing, his humor serves to help him survive when times are difficult. Presently, when Nathan is not cracking his friends up with a joke, he can be found participating in his main extracurricular activity: sleeping.



Rising sophomore Sam Goldfarb has had a passion for sports since he received a 4 foot, Little Tikes basketball hoop when he was 2 years IMG_5265old. Goldfarb received the honor to be the sports editor for his high school newspaper for the school year of 2015-2016. He chose to attend DWC yet again for the summer of 2015. Goldfarb hopes to expand his knowledge for not only journalism as a whole, but to discover if he is truly passionate about making journalism his life goal.


photoWatson Dolhare is a 17-year old rising senior from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Watson claims that his countless hours of childhood reading improved his writing and vocabulary, which helped him gain an advantage in his English and History classes. Today, Watson has 400 books on his kindle and about 150 books in his room. He has also given 200 books to charity. Watson volunteers at Running Works, a charity started by his mother that helps homeless people get jobs. He has formed many positive relationships with the less fortunate.






Megan Oosthuizen is a rising junior; she is sixteen and started playing a very original sport called fencing when she was thirteen, but stopped at the age of sixteen. Megan was born in Cape town South Africa, and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Megan is associated with GT Club and her school newspaper as the editor in chief and news editor.




20150615_151143Amidst the hustle and bustle of Baltimore, MD, Angela Frank is a seventeen year old student. While Angela is thinking about a few options, she is currently considering majoring in business. She said that it is a gateway to a lot of career opportunities and the degree can be relevant in many business places.

Angela has played tennis since she was seven years old. Even though business is what she wants to end up in, Angela immensely enjoys history class at school.